Sliced visuals of an abandoned factory, apparently deserted and barred, where political slogans adorn the walls depicting the plight of the victimized factory-employees and the work suspension notice hangs over the entrance, now yellowish and pale, convey no impassioned thoughts and nonchalant feelings of human activity and existence. But looking at it closely, the desolation and grimness of land space behind the rusted bars and through the scanty gap between the two panels of the factory gate, the artist realizes a tragic commonness of reality between the ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’. The picture of decay and continual deterioration that the artist watches ‘inside’ the barred factory gates is, in fact, the same inertia persisting evenly in the politico-social milieu, ‘the outside’. These images yield an admonition of the eventual impasse our society is lapsing into. It instantly gives out an image of the palpable human facts that our society has fallen victim to the intrigue of politics and recounts the story of the pathetic victimization of livelihoods to the multifaceted complex structure of the market economy. This sight of prevailing immobility and degeneration at once ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ the factory walls imbues the onlooker (the artist) with an inevitable feeling of psychological, physical and political confinement.