Being There and Then

Categories: Photography Works

Every nature has a character of its own. The forms, textures, smells, sounds or light of a particular place effects our emotions, senses, imagination and thought process and subconsciously develops an illusion that inspires a deep relation with nature dissolving our presence in reality and permitting us to travel to an unreal world.

Gora, an urban boy always surrounded by the jittery metropolis travels with us on a journey, when we incidentally found ourselves in an isolated landscape located on the peripheries of an urban city yet miles away from it by nature. It was a nature very different from an urban space, the one he was used to. On his close association with nature, the boy found himself on the threshold of transcendence and reacted unusually as if ‘in a kind of dream’ or ‘in a world of his own’. It was very unique for us to see that how a boy intuitively dissolved the boundaries of reality and built his own place in nature.

The emotional reaction of such a close experience of nature and its reflection evident in the way the boy has expressed his emotions is what we’ve captured and presented in Being There & Then.