This place has an overwhelming significance of blackness in it, not merely in the way it exists as a material site but also in our perceptions of such a place.  It lies in a state that is taken with a keen sense of finality, which hinges on an assumption that presupposes the certain demise of the place, in all its varied aspects, as one that has no life of its own, or without the possibility to continue to exist in a different state which perhaps moves beyond our immediate understanding. If in a strange way, it instantly carries a resonance to our myriad theories of the Black Hole, first as the definite end of everything, which no life can come to pass, as totally incapable of leading to newer forms of existence, but then also gradually shifting towards more accommodating perspectives. In light of this, as we come to think of it, a different perspective emerges in the very space itself, if one is willing to see. Irrespective of the fact that the history of the place predates the ill-happenings of one fateful day, it is unmistakable that the burn-marks, the telltale signatures that seem to tell more than any written or oral recollection could ever fully contain, of the place exude a certain history peculiar to them. In this, a newer understanding emerges just as newer theories regarding the Black Hole have emerged, and continue to do so. It reminds us that a space always remains in a state of transition, and our understanding of it must also be in terms of transitoriness, and not fixities. These desolate, ash-laden hallways and corridors are a witness to that, as is all that that survived, at varying degrees of decay and neglect, however miniscule. In the context of this reflection, it might simply be seen as one of the states the place finds itself in, in its lifetime, which moves towards an unpredictable end, yet gives a newer dimension to the place. There can be no single history or any single dimension, to view the place as much as for the place to have, that one can thrust upon it. Numerous and newer dimensions emerge with time; with decay and destruction as well as growth and progress. What one understands as final, as an impasse, might just be a passage to another space, another set of possibilities.


Site-specific Installation
Single Channel Video, Dual Channel  Sound, Light Box & Halogen Lamps