Series One

Categories: Photopaintings Works

The fairytale-ness that characterizes our work is patently derivative. The fairytale atmosphere creates mysteries, world of layers, favoring inspiration and contemplation. It speaks the symbolic language and dramatic projection in symbolic images of the life of the psyche. We place a person, or a motif, or some symbol in place of another and create disturbances of masculinity, as well as femininity. The moment we place a male body on a floral canvas, not only does the meaning of the male body change, but the meaning of the flowers, as well. We feel we are speaking more truthfully when real becomes fantasy in our works.

Gender roles and sexuality are confined within socially constructed signs and popular modes of practices. Desired popular patterns of representation emerge around stereotypes and represent dominant ideology. Visual art, mainstream cinema, advertising, popular photography, and fiction etc. accept two separate and opposite genders, by which masculinity and femininity are not conceived as two ends of one spectrum, but as two separate spectrums.

People must be free to develop their own unique identity. Gender dialectics is a way to consider the issue in question both structurally and dynamically, as a whole, a changing and developing system, a way of exploring the developments and shifting relationships of a great many interacting factors, never losing track of the whole context of the system- always considering the full context, both analyzing the parts themselves and considering their relative place to each other and within the totality. This is exactly what needs to be done with the splintered, arbitrary chaos of the gender concepts.

We are interested in anything that blurs, transforms or recreates gender, puts a new perspective on gender, or any nonconformist idea or expression of gender, involving the deconstruction of the current arbitrary and collectivist gender bi-polarized ideology. This is our way of questioning the prevailing strait-jacketed situation so far as defining gender roles.