Enter Space Ether

Categories: Video Works

Place is the most unique experience of space. It is man’s deepest experience of an environment. A place has a character of its own and the connections of any particular place with certain emotional qualities give rise to a variety of senses and stands. The forms, textures, smells, sounds or light of a particular place can trigger our memory and imagination which develops a creative temperament and can interact with our consciousness in a dynamic way which, in Greek philosophy, was Plato’s conception of Chora (Khôra; Greek: χώρα); stated by him as “in a kind of dream”. Chora (Khôra) contains its own memory of events and its genius loci or spirit of place – that is not visible but can be apprehended by the human.

Enter Space Ether reflects the connection between any particular place and certain emotional qualities associated with it. It is the transition and interplay between fantasy and reality and captures the state of our mind when we ‘dream with our eyes open’ or experience Chora (Khôra). It is the mental process of how we conceive it, shape it, construct it and finally, experience it.

Duration: 14 min. 50 sec.